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Irene Carrasco May 6th 2021  Madrid

Suzanne is professional, kind and respectful, who will guide you to connect with your own strengths and possibilities.
I feel great, and it was a pleasure to meet her as a person also. I consider this is essential a coach, to feel comfortable and enjoy a trustful atmosphere, with Suzanne that is granted.

Nezha one 2-one-diet May 17th 2021 

Suzanne is an amazing coach, that listens and has understanding of what i shared with  her.
She was able to make me explore new options and to help me create a list of actions to get started.
I definitely recommend her as a Coach!

Hi Suzanne, I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice. You have given me the tools to move on and start afresh. Even though I am nervous it's an excited nervous to put myself back out there in a front facing busy environment. I hope I can pay it forward to someone in the future who may have been struggling like me. I am not 100% but I am climbing slowly but surely back to the girl I was. Please except my gratitude for now and know you helped put back together quite a broken puzzle. The sessions were awesome and have given me focus in my walking, breathing sleeping, having relaxed downtime. I used to be a coiled up spring and I feel the tension all leaving my body, so thank you again.

AL 15/05/2021

Grungy Wooden Surface
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