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Relationship Coaching with a Difference

Do You ...

wonder why your relationships don't last or are not as you hoped they were?

Do You Want...

to be able to build not only lasting but healthy fulfilling relationships?

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How I Can Help ?

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Discovery Call

  • A 30 Minute FREE call where we can take stock of where you are and where you want to go.

Stones of Meaning

Individual Sessions

  • 30 Minute 'Quick Fire'

  • 60 Minute session

  • 90 Minute session

  • 2 Hour session

  • Accountability Call

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12 week Pathway

  • 12 Week Live Online Course

  • 1 x 60 Minutes 1 2 1 weekly

  • 1 x 60 minute group weekly

  • Maximum of 6 per course

Private Meeting

Coach4Coaches Coaches ONLY

  • FREE initial 30 minute session.

  • 60 minute sessions bookable individually.



About Me.....

Why The What Next Coach and why the LGBT+ Community?

As a part of the LGBTQ+ community myself, I am aware of the issues that are indicative such as confusion of sexuality, coming out to friends and family and the backlash from this transformation, the pressures that are unique to same sex relationships along with all the normal life situations. In addition, I find that like me many women, who have gone through counselling come out the other side and ask What Next? The counselling has dealt with the past but has still left them with limiting beliefs, a lack of confidence, the inability to hold down relationships and a lack of direction in both personal and work lives.

I underwent coaching because at the time I needed direction. The benefits I gained from coaching were immense. I found out who I was, what I wanted and gained much more confidence in myself.  I had a toolkit at my disposal which gave me the knowhow to believe in myself and find the positive future I was seeking. It was then that I knew my mission was to enable women to become the best version of themselves just as I had become and The 'What Next' Coach was born. 

Since beginning my Coaching Practice I have had many clients that are part of this demographic and have achieved remarkable results in building their confidence and self-esteem, moving them forward in a positive way. ​

My Coach clients don’t get a coaching program designed as a hard and fast ‘out of the box’ ‘one solution fits all’ but instead one that is about really understanding what they, the client needs at a particular point in time and by adapting my approach to help them achieve this, ultimately the client determines what is included in their own coaching program. 

To see my clients going from where they were at the beginning of their journey to achieving their goals, is a privilege. This is my driving passion as a coach.  As a Transformational Life Coach I am accredited to the Association of Professional   Coaching and also a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic  Programming and Timeline Coaching.


My commitment to you is to facilitate the growth of your strengths through the setting of goals and I will empower you to reach new levels of growth and attain the Extraordinary Life you want.​

Your commitment to achieving this is paramount to the success of our collaboration.


My Missions...

My Social Mission: I want to see social equality for all colours, creeds and genders across the world. No one should live in fear of being who they are or want to be.
My Mission Statement: My mission is amazingly simple, I have a passion to facilitate the growth and change in others so that they too can be the best versions of themselves.


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